UV unwrapping in Maya

In Maya using UV’s I have wrapped my model in a checker paper. During this process I came across a lot of problems such as joining edges together to make the wrapping smooth around the whole model. When unwrapping the UV’s I unwrapped one half of an object then once that was done I unwrapped the other half to make the unwrapping symmetrical. As I was unwrapping UV’s I also needed to think if the checker would stretch if I selected a certain face.

I understood more and more about unwrapping UV’s as I was using it over and over again. I also developed more skills such as selecting the UV’s after I had selected some faces of my model


Today October 5th, have done some more UV unwrapping. I have came across a few problems in Maya were it didn’t allow me to use the checker layer for my model. I solved this problem by making my model red. I have developed my UV unwrapping skills by sewing and rotating the UV’s. I am unwrapping the UV’s in the planar Map view. I think my model will be unwrapped soon. I am getting more confident with unwrapping the UV’s. I feel more familiar about texture editing and where to located them.X WING RED.jpg

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