My Maze Game

I have created my Maze game using a program called flash. When making this game I learnt a lot of things such as how to bend shaped, insert a background and how to duplicate objects.  There was one point in the making of the game when the game didn’t work. I overcame this obstacle by copying the code from the original game and pasting it into make version of the game. After doing this the game worked. As I worked more and more on the game I became more confident on using all the different tools within flash.maze

Below is one of the five levels that I have created. In this level I decided to bend the walls to make the course to the goal harder for the player. Also in this level I added the ice background to make the player look like it is sliding across the ice to the goal.


This below is my favourite level that I created. I like how the walls are laid out as it makes it difficult for the player to reach the goal.

maze level 2.jpg


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